What Parents are Saying About Lynn’s Lessons!

Lynn has worked with both of my sons for the last 2.5 years, both for different reasons. Not only has she been key to their success with speech but she is an invaluable support to me as a parent. She always provides game changing insights, great suggestions for things to do at home and is just an overall great listener. She does all this with a wonderful sense humor and genuine compassion. One of a kind. We love her.
- Megan Rufael, RSM, CA

My son loves seeing Lynn and he doesn’t realize how much he’s learning. Grandma is very impressed.
- Noah’s Mom, Costa Mesa, CA

Lynn is up front, honest and not just a rock to her students but also to the parents that sit anxiously in the corner watching their child....... My son has blossomed under her care and I knew it was a good fit when he laughed through the lessons rather than stressed. Thank you Miss Lynn for helping my boy find his voice...... how beautiful it is to hear.
- L. P. Laguna Beach

When my child came to see Lynn, he had very limited communication. From the first session, it was clear that Lynn was a born teacher and had the expertise to coax my son in the appropriate direction.
- Dr. T. S.J.C, CA

Ms. Epstein has made such a positive impact with the twins. She is a true blessing.
- J.R., Laguna Beach, CA

I want to thank you for not only helping my son but helping me to understand how changing a few things that I say and do can make such a positive difference You taught us both so much !
- B. L. Laguna Beach, CA

We are so glad we went to see Miss Lynn. You made it fun to practice "r" and "l" with quick, doable homework. Sam feels so proud to graduate! Thank you.
- DP Aliso Viejo, CA

I don't want to go to preschool, I want to go Lynn's office
- E.K., upon learning he graduated Lynn's class.

You are so AMAZING!!!! Thank u for helping us help our son. ❤❤❤❤
- PL, Dana Point, CA

Miss Lynn here's a quote of the day: “Mom, you know what I love? I love my therapy. Can you take me dare (sp intentional) all day?”

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Laguna Beach Language & Speech Clinic is a clinician owned outpatient therapy clinic located in South Laguna. The owner and clinical director, Lynn Epstein, MS, SLP-CCC, is an ASHA certified speech language therapist with 28 years of clinical experience.

While every speech/language disorder is unique, Ms. Epstein realizes the ultimate goal is the same, maximize potential and develop better communication skills to enhance learning, socializing and living.  She works closely with parents to help boost language skills across settings.

In addition to providing evaluations and treatment of pediatric communication disorders, Lynn is a national speaker for therapists, parent-teacher training and education workshops.

Recently Lynn has developed an educational app How Do you Know? to practice and build critical thinking, vocabulary skills, question comprehension and verbal reasoning.  How Do You Know? Exercising Critical Thinking & Inferential Skills is now available on iTunes, Google and Kindle.  Check www.howdoyouknowapp.com for more information.

Please call Lynn Epstein, MS, SLP-CCC at 949 715 5845 or email lynnepstein@cox.net if you have concerns or questions regarding:

  • Your child’s language development

  • Speech skills; difficult to understand, not producing sounds as expected

  • Auditory comprehension /processing

  • Expressive communication

  • Executive Functioning Skills

  • Upcoming IEP meeting

  • Communication Skills Coaching

  • Workshops & Training Seminars

We are providers for:


Member of ASHA, CSHA



While every speech/language disorder is unique, Ms. Epstein realizes the ultimate goal is the same, maximize potential and develop better communication skills to enhance learning, socializing and living.

If you have concerns about the speech & language development of your child or interested in a parent workshop, call Lynn Epstein, MS, SLP-CCC, for a free consult at 949 715 5845 or email lynnepstein@cox.net.




Laguna speech-language therapist to address statewide group

Congratulations to Lynn Epstein, owner of Laguna Beach Language & Speech Clinic. The California Speech-Language-Hearing Association accepted her program proposal.
Epstein will be presenting Guiding and Counseling Parents through Their Child’s Therapy Process aka How to Help Parents Help Their Kids at the state convention held in Long Beach on March 7, 2013.
Epstein has been practicing speech-language therapy for over 25 years and offers parent training and communication workshops to the community. She can be reached at http://www.lagunabeachlanguagespeech.com  or 949 715 5845.


Sessions are taught by an ASHA certified speech-language therapist.



Laguna Beach Language & Speech Clinic
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31642 So. Coast Hwy., Suite 205   Laguna Beach CA  92651

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